[Gimp-user] Gimp 2.10 scanner integration under Linux

Thanks Rich.  I used the PPA under Ubuntu 16.04 but after upgrading to 18.04 I
had huge problems with libgimp2.0 and 3.0 dependencies, with GIMP and Xsane
conflicting.  It may have been unrelated to Gimp but I'm not keen to experiment
straight away.  If new requirements force a change I'll report back.  I'll
document the ImageScan workaround in a couple of days.

The snap will be the problem. I went the other way, used to use a
flatpak and had to side-load lots of lib files into the flatpak
folders just to get a few plugins working. Never managed to get xsane
working. Used a regular Gimp 2.8 for scanning.

Now using kubuntu 18.04  and Gimp 2.10.x from the PPA The installation
is much less fraught than before. I put some notes here:


but at the end of the day, it is what you are comfortable with.

grepnil (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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