Re: [Gimp-user] Font names differ under PCs ( Localized or English )

On Thu, Jul 18, 2019 at 11:15:13AM +0900, ShiroYuki Mot via gimp-user-list wrote:
This is the continuation of

GIMP version: 2.10.12
Operating System: Windows Version 1903 x64
Package: Official (gimp-2.10.12-setup.exe) In-Place Upgrade from 2.10.10

I found out the difference of showing font names on two PCs.
Two PC are same OS version and same GIMP version. Both x64.
One is localized font names (Japanese) and other is English.
The font files are having two names data as en-US and ja-JP.
('azuki_font' vs 'あずきフォント')
I checked the setting files, but my knowledges are low...
I cannot find the setting.
*Please teach me where to change in order to unify to either.*

On 'nix systems, the language is controlled by your environment.
So, if I open gimp in my normal environment (LC_ALL=en_GB.UTF-8) in
linux I get English text everywhere.

I've just tried by opening a term and running:

export LC_ALL=ja_JP

That gives me gimp with almost all the text in ideograms, so I
assume it is Japanese.  If I then click on the button in the text
tool to change the font, the only Japanese font I have on this
machine is VL Gothic.  All the other fonts show names in English,
but this one shows as VL followed by four ideograms.

If I don't change my environment to Japanese, the font is listed as
VL Gothic.

I know nothing about setting up windows, but I assume that somewhere
on one of your machines you have got it running in American English.
Google finds some English links for Change display language in
Windows 10, perhaps those (or an equivalent Japanese link) might

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