[Gimp-user] Font names differ under PCs ( Localized or English )

This is the continuation of https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gimp/issues/3570

GIMP version: 2.10.12
Operating System: Windows Version 1903 x64
Package: Official (gimp-2.10.12-setup.exe) In-Place Upgrade from 2.10.10

I found out the difference of showing font names on two PCs.
Two PC are same OS version and same GIMP version. Both x64.
One is localized font names (Japanese) and other is English.
The font files are having two names data as en-US and ja-JP.
('azuki_font' vs 'あずきフォント')
I checked the setting files, but my knowledges are low...
I cannot find the setting.
*Please teach me where to change in order to unify to either.*

Free Font URL (Language is Japanese): http://azukifont.com/font/azuki.html
I am using azukifont121.zip (azuki.ttf).
The font file is saved in the user profiles.

The lower font shown as 'メイリオ' in this figure is 'Meiryo', bundled in
Japanese Windows.
The font file is meiryo.ttc, existing in C:\Windows\Fonts.
There are same things happened.

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