[Gimp-user] HELP Color error using cmyk

Ive had this issue in 2.10.0-2.10.10 and I  really need help:
The cmyk color I apply is not what is detected when I recheck with
color picker.

I MUST use cmyk as i'm modeling for an inkjet colored 3d printer. 
(inkjets use c,m,y,k colored inks) I'm trying to make a skin color
that works (printer color is also all off) so I Input 34,37,56,00 into
cmyk, fill the selection with it then use color picker and what I get
is WAY off -> 0,4,33,34.  I cant handle ANY black so this totally
screws up the printed color.  Any ideas how to make gimp  use the
color I select and not change it??


I can see the problem.

No solution that I can see. Post a bug report at


rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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