[Gimp-user] is there a rotoscoping tool

Trying to do something like this in this video, where I can just
select an object and cut round it  but with just one image and not a
is it possible please?

A quick look at the video and it seems that roto-scope  is a method of
extracting a defined area from a background.

All sorts of ways in Gimp. Do a search for extract foreground. There is such a
tool in Gimp. I did this little video (duration two and a bit minutes) as a demo
for someone who could not get their head around it.


It is not my favourite. There is a good interactive foreground extract in the
gmic gimp plugin www.gmic.eu  Depending on the image, scissors tool to make a
selection or create a path around the subject and path-to-selection.

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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