Re: [Gimp-user] HELP Color error using cmyk

On Tue, 2019-07-02 at 04:57 +0200, walshlg wrote:
Ive had this issue in 2.10.0-2.10.10 and I  really need help:
The cmyk color I apply is not what is detected when I recheck with
color picker.

Actually, after reading th code, what is going on with the colour
selector is that it converts to rgb and back again, and the conversion
is uses is a valid one - you get the same resulting theoretical colour,
if you ignore the way inks mix on paper. In fact changing the amount of
black is often visible, but effectively GIMP (actually BABL) is
subtracting the black from the other colours, which saves ink.

34,37,56,00 is the same colour as
 0, 4,33,34
and you can see this by experimentation.

When GIMP has native CMYK image support, it will need to make
undercolour removal optional, but for now, since the RGB values are the
same and that's all that's stored in the image data, you're stuck with


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