Re: [Gimp-user] HELP Color error using cmyk

On Tue, 2019-07-02 at 04:57 +0200, walshlg wrote:
Ive had this issue in 2.10.0-2.10.10 and I  really need help:
The cmyk color I apply is not what is detected when I recheck with
color picker.

This is really about the colour picker, and which one you are using,
not about CMYK. It's doing this for me too, although i'm not sure why.

But to work with CMYK you might want to consider using separate+, or
working with Krita, which supports CMYK images directly (and i imagine
can export as a CMYK tiff although i don't know for sure).

I MUST use cmyk as i'm modeling for an inkjet colored 3d
printer.  (inkjets use
c,m,y,k colored inks)

You are editing an RGB image in GIMP, not a CMYK one. it doesn't matter
which colour picker you use, you'll get an RGB colour.

Converting colours from RGB to CMYK for print can be done in multiple
ways (e.g. with undercolour removal to save ink).

I agree the colour selector is misbehaving, though.


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