[Gimp-user] IImprovements to unified transform

Unified transform is great and has saved me a lot of time with tasks
that I do.

I work with aerial photographs which can be very large images, like
5000 or 10000 pixels a side. When I overlay a historical aerial photo
on top of a recent one, I need to be able to access a size handle
(maybe also a skew handle) anywhere on the image, not just in a few
places along the edges. The alignment has to be very precise, and
having to zoom out or scroll to find a handle I can drag to resize the
preview can mean I can't see as precisely or in the right place.

We need something like a modifier key we press to make the diamond and
square appear right where the mouse is and we can drag right there
instead of the handles that are on the edges. It would have the same
impact as dragging one of the edge handles in the same direction.


I guess likewise also need a way of rotating without having to drag outside the
edge. That would need a rotator modifier key or tool.

BWK (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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