[Gimp-user] Binary Search Zoom?

Hello all,

I did quite a bit of googling and couldn't find the answer to this. Can you
control zoom percentage of an image with script-fu? It looks like some folks
asked this question on gimptalk.org, but their server is down and it's not on

What I'd like to do is speed up the zooming of an image to life scale. The
images are at wildly inconsistent DPI but with a tape measure in the photo for
scale. Right now we use manual binary search, but I'd like to add some
automation by binding three keys to scripts - one key to press when the image is
too large, one to press when it's too small, and another to press if you make a
mistake and want to go back one step. Maybe a fourth to reset the search

It would require the ability to control zoom, and also the script would need to
know the current boundaries of the search each time it's called. Since script-fu
supports global variables I think the second part wouldn't be a problem.

I tried using a formula to measure dpi and zoom to scale, but I found it still
required fine-tuning manually, and it was just as fast to do a binary search the
whole way.

Smo (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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