[Gimp-user] Install Layers FX plugin

Hi Rich!

I need the 2.8 version, could you please attach it?

Thank you veerrry much!

The old gimp-plugin-registry site is gone. There were 3 versions of
layerfx. Assuming you are using Windows, the attached is a slightly
tweaked version for Gimp 2.10

Unzip it, and pop in your Gimp profile plug-ins folder

screenshot https://i.imgur.com/z7zcMsd.jpg

Find it bottom of the layers menu (also in right click in layers


It is one of the plugins that are not very happy with Gimp 2.10 /
32bit python 2.7.15 Some filters do not work.

Work-arounds. The python color picker crashes. Set the FG color first,
then right-click in the dialogue, choose FG color.


As the name implies, it works on layers, depending on filter &
settings remember to size any text layers to suit.


If you want an earlier / Gimp 2.8 version just ask.

Valci (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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