[Gimp-user] Almost no tools working

i was looking at the keyboard, thats awfully small,
im just saying it may not have all the same functions on every
but i saw this video, that the keyboard itself may have lost some of
in transferring from mac to pc, and needs rebooted?
thats a lot of factors. i dont suppose youve tried it with a mouse?

On Mon, Dec 23, 2019 at 6:30 AM dancemachinetrait
<forums gimpusers com>

My keyboard definitely isn't as small as the one in that video. I'm attaching a
picture of mine. I tried turning the keyboard off and on again like in the video
and it seems to be working. The tablet still isn't working though.

I haven't tried using a mouse- I have a chronic pain condition and really need
to be able to use the tablet as it's much easier on my hand.


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