[Gimp-user] Scissors tool deleting entire background

OK, I've found a way to do this.
I now complete the selection by clicking the first point, the I click within the
selection while holding Shift key and then I can delete the selection.
However I still don't know what changed. I used to be able to click the first
point and the simp[ly click delete to do the same.

But I can live with this method.

Thanks for all the help!!!!!

First complete the scissors 'curve' by clicking on the first control
point. That
is still not a selection, you have the option to edit the curve in
some way.

When satisfied then Enter or click inside the curve to make a
Depending where you are on the canvas determines the icon 'action'
(including a not possible) Look at the bottom of the Gimp window - the
information bar for what is possible.

If the selection is the wrong area try inverting Selection -> Invert

Yellow and black outline is a layer boundary, Useful to know, part of
Gimp not
the image.

Screenshots seem not to work so a quick video, all of 3 minutes,
should explain
enough for you to progress.


JWtje (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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