[Gimp-user] Scissors tool deleting entire background

Hi Rich,
Thanks for the reply. Problem not solved yet. I do close the circle but still
things go wrong. If I first close the circle like you say I do not get the
crawling ants outline. If I press enter after closing the selection I do get the
crawling ants. If I then press delete it deletes everything "but" the selection.
The layer that I am working in has a yellow and black outline that is constantly
present. Does this mean anything?
The scissor tool has a "No go" sign right above it.

It could be peculiar to OSX but best guess is you are not completing
selection ( I can replicate your problem)

You need to make sure the scissors tool completes - click on the
control point. Note how the tool icon changes for different actions
from a '+'
to that double circle. There is also information bottom of the Gimp
window. (1)

Then click in the outline or hit the enter key or select some other
tool to
create the selection (2)

That gives the 'crawling ants' denoting an active selection (3) Delete
key will
then do as it says (4) There is also Edit -> Cut which lets you paste
selection back if required.

If you want transparency you need to invoke  Layer -> Transparency ->
Add alpha
channel before cutting the selection.

When complete remember to close the selection Select -> None.

Are you suffering from PS syndrome, expecting Gimp to work the same
way as some
other graphic editors? Always check with the documents first.


If you want a copy of Gimp help in PDF format there is an English (or
version here. http://gimp.linux.it/www/meta/  1000 pages / indexed /

quote...Reinstalled Gimp in case I messed up some of the settings but
changed after the reinstall. ..unquote

Settings are held in your Gimp profile which is created first time you
run Gimp.
Reinstalling Gimp does not affect these settings. Usually resetting
the tools
from Edit -> Preferences works.


JWtje (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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