[Gimp-user] Revising "Hacking:Building/Windows" page

I have just gone through a round of figuring out how to build GIMP 2.10 on
Windows. The page "Hacking: Building/Windows"


is no longer correct. I have pretty carefully installed it on my machine, to the
extent of deleting the msys2/mingw environment, re-installing, and building GIMP
to operational .exe file.

Is there a protocol to revise the page? I'd like to do so, and also improve the
instructions. For instance, if the instructions given are followed, the user
ends up with a lot of files and directories in c:\users\yourcomputer, which is
not ideal. Better to build and work with a development location which occupies
less prime real estate.

PaulAThompson (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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