[Gimp-user] Printing with GIMP

The usual advice for printing from a Windows Gimp is, don't. Use some
other application for printing.

Gimp's origins are Unix and now developed in linux. Some things in
Windows are lacking and printing is one. The developers are volunteers
and no one is there to develop the old printing plugin.

Answers to your questions
That print dialogue is linux, looks like this in my linux Gimp 2.10.6
Ancient reference. That is a plugin, Gutenprint, again linux (and
maybe Mac) My installation: https://i.imgur.com/U0htF5y.jpg
The Gimp Windows print only calls up the printer manufactures
software, that is where the settings are.
Not doing anything wrong. Do not use Gimp for printing, use whatever
image editing software comes with the printer. Usually some cut-down
stuff that will open a png from Gimp.

Thanks. This is good advice - I was getting frustrated.

JohnLarysz (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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