Re: [Gimp-user] Gimp download - Problem - Q

On 10/15/18 17:30, rm k via gimp-user-list wrote:
Hi Gimp users,

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Quick Q based on a problem, which I hope will have a simple solution.

I downloaded Gimp today onto my laptop (Windows 10) and although the

process was reported as successful, no icon appeared on my desktop. I then

repeated the exercise, again successfully, with the same result.

So, I then re-started by lap top. Still no icon.

As things stand, I have Gimp loaded up but with no point of accessing it.

Anyone else come across this? If so, what was the solution?


What you download is an installer, so you have to execute it (find it in your download folder and double-click it) to install Gimp. Then you will have an icon in your desktop (or in the estart menu).

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