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Start button > All programs > Gimp 2
or Go to folder where Gimp 2.10 is located (program files?) > Gimp 210 > Gimp 2 > bin folder > double-click on gimp-2.10.exe or make a shortcut to it.

Rick S.

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Hi Gimp users,

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Quick Q based on a problem, which I hope will have a simple solution.

I downloaded Gimp today onto my laptop (Windows 10) and although the

process was reported as successful, no icon appeared on my desktop. I then

repeated the exercise, again successfully, with the same result.

So, I then re-started by lap top. Still no icon.

As things stand, I have Gimp loaded up but with no point of accessing it.

Anyone else come across this? If so, what was the solution?


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