[Gimp-user] Best way to color calibrate for camera?

I'm using gimp to edit photos from a sony alpha camera.
I'm using sony's raw import tool, to generate a tiff which I then pull into

I've gotten my hands on a munsel chart, aka an xrite color passport.
What is the best (free) way to adjust colors based on that?

I would have thought creating an ICC profile to convert the image to, would be
best... except that there doesnt seem to be any good free way to do this.
I did find "dcamprof".. but the instructions there are so horribly confusing and
long, I cant follow them.
One might almost thinks this is deliberate, since he sells a commercial layer on
top of the free stuff, to provide an easier method.

So can anyone suggest a more straightforward process that will result in a
consistently color calibrated image?

(PS: yes my monitor is already calibrated)

PhilPhoto (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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