[Gimp-user] Pentax Exif data stripped

I suppose you are joking. Keep giving useful information!
Thanks to your warning I did some further investigations which I
reported on <a
Flickr Gimp Users thread</a>.
The bug seems to be linked with the all-capital name PENTAX, and it
does not occur with other six-letter uppercase names.

just to clarify

Older Pentax cameras ( *istDS, K100, K10 ) Camera Make is "PENTAX Corporation" 
then they changed it ( K30, K50, K5)  Camera Make is  "PENTAX" 
Later Pentax Cameras ( K3, K70, K1 ) Cameras Make is "RICOH IMAGING COMPANY,

after further testing this problem applies to "out of camera" JPGs with the word
"PENTAX",  that is the exif file was written by the camera. If you develop a raw
file with an editor, output to JPG, load that JPG into gimp, then export from
gimp the exported file has exif data. ( Still with the word "PENTAX" as the
Camera Make. )

CeeCee (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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