[Gimp-user] Question about batch process Selection


I'm not really sure to ask at the right email adress but I try ^^.

My question is about to carry out a batch process on several picture I get.

All my pictures get a White background  (255,255,255)  and I would like to remove this background and getting 
transparent picture. Obviously , I don't want to do that on 60 pictures .. So I was looking for plug in or 
something like that to process these steps:

- Fuzzy selection --> click always at the same point on the picture (a corner of each picture)

- "Delete" the white background thanks to the Fuzzy selection

- Save picture (.png with transparent background)

Maybe it exists some script or some plug in which could help me ?

(PS: I'm really beginner in writting code on Script-fu )

In case, I contact the wrong user list please could you give me contact  in order to ask my question ?

Thank you.

Best regards,


Andria CAPAI - Ingénieur d'études
UMR 7287.Sc. du Mouvement (EJ Marey)
Institut des Sciences du Mouvement - 163 Avenue de Luminy - 13009 Marseille
Tél: +33(0)6 38 23 96 09<tel:+33%206%2038%2023%2096%2009>

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