[Gimp-user] Removing a filter from Gimp Menu

The particular filter that you mention is provided by
...\gimp\share\2.0\scripts\coffee.scm (where you need to put the
appropriate path to replace the ...). Deleting this file will remove
the filter - although it will reappear next time you reinstall GIMP.

The question is why bother? The script file itself is only 3 KB, so
doesn't take much disk space. Why not just ignore it if you don't want
to use it?


Thanks for the reply, 

To answer your question I have been using Gimp now for 6 years Professionally
and at some point, you know exactly what you need and use. I guess in some way I
also just love customizing my things on my PC. (Example: Got rid of the shortcut
arrow on desktop apps by changing the registry ^^).

Anyways thank you for your reply and have an awesome day. 


knowthyself (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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