[Gimp-user] How to stretch only the edge of a pic

Still working on that CD?

A few ways for that image, only two edges needed.

Give the image transparency, Layer -> Transparency -> Add alpha

Resize the canvas, quarter inch needed? (I added an 1/8" but should be
1/4") and drag the image to the top - right corner, gives a
transparent edge left and bottom.


and a screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/ozKWhDZ.jpg

Then you could get away with just filling the transparency with a dark
colour, ie. lock the pixels and then fill.

A better way might be with the resynthesizer + heal transparency
plugin. You have that plugin ?

Looks like this: https://i.imgur.com/R9GtQnk.jpg

And with the original over the top the new edge looks like this:

rich: www.gimp-forum.net

Thanks Rich, good useful info. Actually this is my 4th CD project. I really
appreciate all of your excellent help and tips.

GerryPeters (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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