[Gimp-user] Batch Image Manipulation, it's time to implement it in GIMP

I used batch mode (David's Batch Processor) from within Gimp 2.8 and below often
as I send large numbers of  photos to relatives to keep them updated on family
matters.  I have also used BIMP (and tried to recompile it for Gimp 2.10 under
Ubuntu 18.04, but so far can not get it to compile).

I miss having some sort of batch mode, inbuilt into gimp.  Writing scripts to
run from a terminal as has been suggested is too  difficult for an
unsophisticated user such as myself.  The way I use DBP or Bimp is
non-destructive as I write the files out with a different name.

BIMP is a plug-in developed by Alessandro Francesconi who is not a
direct part of the GIMP team to my knowledge. There is already a
ticket posted on BIMP’s official Github repository about the
and Alessandro is currently working on getting it updated

As for if BIMP should be included in GIMP, it sort of already is. GIMP
has built in batch editing through the command line, see here

- Kasim Ahmić

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