Re: [Gimp-user] DLL errors in Windows downloads on

These are likely from plugins that you installed , Gimp 2.8, and were carried over from your Gimp 2.8 profile to your Gimp 2.10 one.

Remove the plugins from your profile and install versions built from Gimp 2.10.

On 11/13/18 12:20 PM, Jurgen Schouten via gimp-user-list wrote:
Both *gimp-2.10.8-setup-1.exe* and the earlier download *GIMP_v2.10.8.exe*
have the same missing DLL's, according to the error messages from the




Of course, I can not tell if the problem is that the DLL's are missing in
the installer, or that they're actually present in the installer, but that
there is an error in the install script in the installer, causing them not
to be installed, or not correctly.

Also, for these exe's in the Windows installer, there are DLL error

*resynthesizer.exe* *Can't find access point of procedure . . . in*
*resynthesizer-gui.exe* *Can't find access point of procedure . . . in*
*gmic_gimp.exe* *Can't find access point of procedure . . . in*

The *. . .* stands for a long string of unfamiliar code.

I downloaded and executed both the torrent file and the file posted on the website, to be sure.

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