[Gimp-user] Revising "Hacking:Building/Windows" page

Thank you for your work, Paul!

I did manage to compile GIMP thanks to this, with only a slight modification: I
had to change SRC_DIR=$HOME/code/gimpdefault/build to
SRC_DIR=$HOME/code/gimpdefault/intall. The rest worked just fine! If I may, I
would suggest skipping (if possible?) the curpath.txt instructions, or maybe
have them be like the bash_profile ones: I felt like it was more work than it
should have been, but maybe it's just me.

Also, I initially wanted to compile GIMP on Windows for gimptool to compile a
plugin I had written 8 years ago, but I ultimately failed: functions were
depecrated, some GTK properties I used don't exist anymore, and despite trying
to fix those, I couldn't get the resulting .exe to work with the latest GIMP
versions. Oh well! I'll put the source on GitHub and hope someone will fix it
eventually :)

Thanks again for the help, it is much appreciated!

juef (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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