[Gimp-user] How to Lock Alpha Channel to multiple layers?

Okay so this is something I figured out a few years ago on an older version of
GIMP. I'm coming back to it now and have updated it to the newest version as of
November 2018. And now I cannot figure this out.

So say I have a layer with a picture and I have base colors down. Now I want to
shade an area of the picture. To do this I open a new layer and choose a dark
color, usually a grey, and change it's opacity and mode until it looks right to
To shade the area, I would have to carefully outline the space on the new layer
to keep the shading from getting to another area that I do not want shaded.

Now I do all of my coloring on separate layers, like a layer for a shirt, a
layer for pants, hair, ect that way I don't have to worry about mucking things
up later.

Locking the Alpha Channel keeps me from going past the area that has already
been filled. Basically it keeps you from coloring outside of the lines.
So what I need is to have a layer already filled, make a new transparent layer,
and lock it's alpha channel to the layer below it, so I can shade easier without
going out of bounds for that area.

I remember I did it in an older version of GIMP a long time ago, but the new
interface has me all jumbled and I can't seem to figure it out now.

Any help? Please and thank you...

Subsquentual (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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