Re: [Gimp-user] Single pixel selection

You didn't dowload the right script. You downloaded the one last updated, likely by hitting the big "Download" button.

ofn-path-filter-strokes is somewhere down in the list.

On 07/03/18 11:56, JLuc wrote:
Le 02/07/2018 à 00:03, Ofnuts a écrit :
Slightly more complex, but more powerful:
- Select>To path. Small islands oif pixels will create small path strokes - use ofn-path-filter-strokes to remove the small strokes (several criteria available: length of perimeter, area...)
This is interesting so I installed the plugin from
and a new option appears now at the bottom of Image menu : "Fit canvas to path"
with 2 sub-options : "tight" / "with margin"

But i couldnt find the "length of perimeter" or "area" criteria.
Where are they to be found ?

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