Re: [Gimp-user] Single pixel selection

If you problem is getting rid of isolated pixels, then:

- Start quickmask
- Filter>Generic>Erode will remove all isolated pixels
- Filter>Generic>Dilate will more or less restore the previous selection (without the isolated pixels)
- Exit quickmask

Slightly more complex, but more powerful:

- Select>To path. Small islands oif pixels will create small path strokes
- use ofn-path-filter-strokes to remove the small strokes (several criteria available: length of perimeter, area...) - Select>From path will recreate more or less the same selection, without the small bits, for more accuracy
- Select>Grow that selet by one pixel
- Intersect with the initial selection (this assumes you saved it first)

ofn-path-filter-strokes is available here:

On 06/28/18 10:41, moon wrote:

When editing drawings, I often need to select specific areas to colorize or
I do this with combination of tools like "Free select", "Fuzzy select" & "Select
by color".

Often though there are individual pixels of varying colors scattered about that
require being added or removed from the selection.

The QuickMask is not so useful because the red color means I can't easily
distinguish the pixels I am interested in.. I have to turn off the QuickMask to
identify the pixel, turn it on to (de)select it etc.

I've played with the QuickMask opacity and color, but it doesn't really help
since typically these pixels are very close in color to the selection &

I've tried a fixed size 1x1 Rectangular Select Tool, but this is clumsy since
you have to drag to get the selection to start.

It's also clumsy using the Free select tool to lasso a single pixel.

Anything else I could try?

If not, I will try to write a python plugin. I'm thinking of basing it on a
fixed 1x1 Rectangular Select Tool... does this sound feasible/sensible?


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