[Gimp-user] Plugin Request: Voronoi

Hey folks,

Once upon a time, I got a /lot/ of mileage out of a GIMP plugin called
Voronoi.  I was described at the plugin registry site as:

"The ultimate Gimp pattern generator. Technically it generates 2D
Voronoi diagrams of various semi-random sets of points and then
visualizes them somehow."

I agree with the "ultimate" part, and the "visualizes them somehow" bit
refers to a fair sized set of easily adjustable options making it a very
flexible general purpose cell-based texture generator.

The Voronoi plugin went unmaintained years ago.  I periodically search
for replacements, with no luck:  Some current filters use voronoi based
functions but not in any way that resembles the pattern generator
described above.

The original plugin registry page is in the Wayback Machine, and
includes source code (one always had to compile this one for use on
Linux systems, IIRC).


Updating this code to compile a useable GIMP 2.8 plugin is WAY beyond my
capability.  Does anybody out there with the requisite background wanna
have a go at it?


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