Re: [Gimp-user] Can't copy and paste into same layer?

On 01/01/2018 01:21 PM, Maisie wrote:
Ok, so I figured out how to paste a floating layer onto an existing layer - but
it becomes a part of the layer and I can't move it around anymore. I thought I
saw in another paid program the ability to move multiple objects around in a
single layer - is that not possible with the gimp? Seems like a basic function
to me that is a huge time saver is lacking - having to mouse into each layer
before you move an object is really frustrating and time consuming

I believe the closest thing you will find to what you are looking for in
the GIMP is the layer groups function:

I use this feature a lot - it allows you to create groups of layers that
behave /somewhat/ as if they were a single layer with separately
moveable parts (each an actual layer) that one can apply filters, layer
modes, partial transparency, layer masks etc. to as needed.

As mentioned earlier, the tool sets and workflow in the GIMP are
radically different from those in Photoshop - these tools have followed
separate evolutionary tracks and although they produce the same end
results, the ways of getting there may not be similar at all.


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