[Gimp-user] Sinc (Lanczos3) Option

Hi! I would like to stretch/resize an image without distorting it. I
downloaded GIMP 2.10.4 but was not able to do this with this version of
GIMP. After a few google searches, I found an article stating that you need
GIMP 2.4 to do this because you need to use the “Sinc (Lanczos3)” option
under Quality>Interpolation in the Scale Image dialog. I checked the
version I have and, lo and behold, 2.10.4 does not seem to have this

So, I would love to get my hands on GIMP 2.4, but it seems to only be
available now via third party sites that seem wholly unaffiliated with gimp
and, to be honest, look a little hinky to me. Does anyone know of a site
like this that is, in fact, safe and trustworthy? Or another way to get
2.4? It doesn't seem to be available on gimp.org. Please let me know if you
have a moment and I'll try to pass it forward when get more gimp skills
under my belt. I have Windows 10, in case it helps to know that.

Thanks in advance!

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