[Gimp-user] Time Lapse via GIMP

I am having trouble creating a good time lapse video from still pictures.  I
have taken 300 pictures via the interval timer mode in the Nikon D5500 camera. 
There are two problems, 1 quality is not as good as I think it should be.  Not
my main issue.  Main issue is the time lapse video plays in a reverse sequence. 
I thought that might happen as the first image loaded becomes the last image. 
The total process  takes about 5 hours to complete.
The process I am following, saw in two YouTube videos is:
1. Load 300 pictures from camera to computer.
2. Open pictures as layers within Gimp - takes about 40 minutes
3. Convert Images:  Image - Mode - Indexed.  Set Dithering to Floyd-Steinberg -
click convert.  Process takes about 3 hours
4. Filters - Animation - Optimize (for GIF).  Takes about 2 hours
5. Export: Give file name with .Gif .  Tick box "as animation".  Frame delay in
seconds - take default.  Check Use delay entered above for all frames.

Hopefully someone will see a step left out or reversed in order to get time
lapse video in proper sequence.  If not, maybe someone could recommend a good
free piece of software that I could use instead of Gimp.  I do not want to pay
for software as I will not take a lot of time lapse videos, just want the
ability and flexibility to create one when I find a good reason to.  I have seen
Chronolapse software which I will investigate if I cannot get Gimp to work for

My computer specs are:  Sixth generation I7, 3.4 GHz processor; 16 Gig Memory -
I have allocated 12.5 Gig to GIMP, HHD hard drive.  Via Task Manager saw the
process is very heavy with Disk I/O - 95-100%; Memory usage - takes all I can
give it.  CPU processing only about 10-15%.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Chuck Devlin

cfdevlin01 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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