[Gimp-user] Update "three exposure" plugin

For people who use raw images from cameras, I've updated my Three
Exposures plugin ("process" the raw images to get three different
exposures, i.e a central, nominally correct, exposure and equal
amounts of over, and under, exposure (plus or minus 1EV through to
plus or minus 3EV, depending on the camera and the image, but
typically plus or minus 2EV.

Thanks to help first from Helmut Jarausch, and then from Ell on the
-dev list, I've now got a working version for 2.9 as well as the
original 2.8 version.

I was embarrassed to discover that my initial files of examples had
a couple of fubars in what I'd done (copied ufraw between machines,
but ended up with it using an old idiosyncratic base curve, instead
of the default straight line, and then used the G'Mic Tone Mapping
filter on the assumption it was like the Advanced Tone Mapping
filter, but actually it's more of a sharpening filter.  So, I've
reworked them, and used recent versions of gimp-2.9 from git when
doing that (and then tested 2.9.6 on another machine, just to be

The reworked examples are now at
with links to the 2.8 and 2.9 plugins at the bottom of that page.

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