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In addition to what you suggest, you might also try putting a sheet of black paper under the magazine page you are scanning (between the pages). The scanner may give you a better starting image. This has worked for me countless times over the years.

Rick S.

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I'm totally inexperienced with GIMP but I chanced upon this recipe that would meet my needs for a rather big project I'm currently doing. It's about cleaning scanned magazine pages where the print on the back side shines through the thin
paper making the reading less enjoyable.


With GIMP:

   Open a file.

   Convert your document to grayscale: Image - Mode - Grayscale.

Select the background color: Select - By Color, click with mouse pointer on
the color of the background.

   Invert the selected color: Select - Invert.

   Copy the selection: Edit - Copy.

   Create a new file: File - New.

In the dialog of a new file, in field: Advanced Options choose: Fill with:
White, hit Ok.

Click anywhere in the window of the new opened document, just to choose it.

   Paste the content of a clipboard: Edit - Paste.

Add a new layer to enhance the black text: Layer - New from Visible, in the
layer's palette, in field: Mode: choose Multiply.

   Combine two layers: Layer - Merge Down.

Save the result as a JPEG file: File - Export As, choose jpeg and set the
quality at least 60.

I have a couple of questions.

A. When getting to "Combine two layers: Layer - Merge Down." the Merge Down
option is grayed out so I can't apply that step.

What could be the reason? And why does it say "Combine two layers" when there is

1.Floated selection (Pasted Layer)



B. When selecting a background color to be erased/turned to white what would be
the best way to pick a wider range of grayness than the rather sparse
instruction the recipe suggests "By Color, click with mouse pointer on the color
of the background."

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