[Gimp-user] Two Suggestions I want Implemented in Future Release

I just made an account here, to put forth these two suggestions:

I use Gimp to "paint" - like computer art.

And I would like to see this implemented or at least have as a selectable


1.) The roll in and out feature - I'd rather just have as a "brush thickness"
feature that I could change on the fly while stroking on the canvas.  In other
words, the mouse wheel roll in and out which changes the zoom, I'd rather it
change the brush thickness.  So I could, in the same stroke, apply a line and
roll the mouse wheel forward for it to be thicker or back to make the line
thinner.  That would be much more useful than the zoom feature (which I could
use + or - for very easily already).

2.)  Some mice have either a mouse wheel that can "tilt" (click side-to-side). 
For that feature, I'd like it to change the brush angle.  If some people who do
not have a tilt-wheel mouse, maybe you can use extra buttons like the browser
forward or browser back buttons that appear on some mice as an alternative brush
angle selector for those without a tilt-wheel mouse.

Anyhow, I don't code.  But for those who do, can you give this a shot at 
implementation in a future release of Gimp.


RackAttack (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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