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On Saturday 23 July 2016 08:34:28 Cindy-Sue Causey wrote:

On 7/22/16, Gene Heskett <gheskett shentel net> wrote:
Greetings all

I did, after 20 minutes of screwing around, finally get it to use a
selected foreground color for the text.

But when I hit the help menu, up pops the help for 2.6!  So I fire
up synaptic and check to see if I am out of date, because the
"context help" doesn't work at all.  Yup, I'm up to date allright,
got gimp-2.8.2 but the doc files are for 2.6.x.  Debian wheezy at
your service, NOT.

Anyway, the next problem is that I can't find a tool that will let
me draw freehand lines so I can make a few arrows that point from a
line of text to a feature in the image.  Or maybe even draw a
balloon around the text pointing at the feature.

Hi.. CC'ing GIMP User, but I don't know if it will go through. So if
this does go through.. Hey All, HUGE FAN for *MANY* years, #ThankYou!
That said, I JUST yesterday stumbled on something that mostly
accomplished this although it wasn't quite what I was looking for

In the one toolbar that pops up with "CTRL-B (I think that's it, not
near that laptop to verify), I double click on the pen icon which
brings up selections of various pen types, shapes. For me in whatever
version is in Sid Unstable, there's a horizontal line choice near the
top of the pen shapes.

Once clicked, I was offered the option to change its horizontal
thickness (not its length that I noticed, anyway). For what I was
doing, I liked its effect because its final thickness varied with how
you dragged it across screen. If that doesn't fit your need, maybe one
of the other shapes while get you what you need.

I tried that exact sequence, several times, but when I tried to click on 
the path points, I never did get the bar drawn because I could not find 
a way out out the click points mode, getting all sorts of zig-zag-zig 
lines that were never drawn, but could be undone.

I suspect there is a way, but with the docs so damned ancient, was it 
worth trying to read that lengthy tome from the top to find it. At my 
age, 81, I am conscious of makeing something of my remaining time, 
whether its another 25 years or another 5 minutes.

However, the arrow script someone sent me a link to (thank you someone!)  
had an option to delete the path when it was drawn, so with it checked, 
I could click the ending and starting points of the arrow, call the 
script and click OK, and it was done, so I could move to the next place 
I wanted an arrow, set the two points using the path tool, wash, rinse 
and repeat,  Nice.  I was able to finish the last of about 17 pix in 
half an hour this morning.

gimp should work that way "out of the box".

And I just found the 2.8.2 docs online, with the gimp browser. But it 
won't let me download them so I can update mine.  That, seriously needs 
fixed.  OTOH, firefox was also able to locate a tar.bz2 of 152 megs so 
its pouring in now.  Done in fact.  Now to see if it has an install 
script. This may take a few, so I'll snip and send

That last little popup after double clicking the pen was a
hit-and-miss find in last couple years. Kind of a hail Mary deal where
that little window no longer was present where I remembered it used to
just be there by magic ages ago. May be a preference setting I'm just
missing. The hail Mary was I double clicked that icon as a desperate
last play, and that window popped up = WOOHOO! :D

Good luck!

Cindy (Sue)

It might be getting better Cindy, take care now.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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