Re: [Gimp-user] Space 49 small images around a circle?

billlee writes:
I'm designing the image to print on a CD.

In this image, I'd like to arrange 49 copies of a small image evenly around a

In addition to the suggestions already made, you could try my
arclayer script:
after making a layer consisting of lots of copies of the image
spaced out appropriately. I'm not sure it would be much easier
than rotating them separately, though, since you'd have to figure
out how much to space them out vs. what radius to use.

See also the "Related GIMP functions" section of the arclayer page
for some built-in functions you could try (e.g. Polar Coordinates)
but I never had much luck with them, or I wouldn't have needed

I haven't used arclayer myself in years -- I stopped making CD
labels when I found out how much they reduced a CD's life, and then
I stopped using CDs altogether -- so let me know if it needs
updating or gives deprecation warnings.


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