[Gimp-user] Keycap Fonts (was: User Manual trick- Scan the Index)

I had a go at creating a wheel mouse in Gimp. Believe me, it was a heck of a learning exercise. Fortunately I have experience with Beziers. But I found the gradient tool awkward editing gradients, which I never did master.

Thanks for the suggestion re keycap fonts.


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Hi Ofnuts,

On 29 Jan 16 07:58 Ofnuts <ofnuts gmx com> said:
There is also a Quick keys reference at Help> Gimp Online> User
Manual Website> Keys and Mouse Quickreference (PDF). Unfortunately,
some of the small text overwrites other text (English version). If I
could find the icons for each keyboard key, I would re-do the page.

I had a quick play too, trying my PDF extraction tool, but could find
no images.

I think the solution may be to install a keycap font and start from
scratch preparing a new document.

A quick search for:

free keycap font

revealed a number that should do the job.

Greg Chapman
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