[Gimp-user] Need help removing/replacing a color


For about an hour enough, I've been trying to remove this really nasty
yellow from an icon that I'm making.  I've been through tutorial after
tutorial to no avail.  If at all possible, I'd like to make the yellow
areas grayscale, the end goal being a black and white icon with red
spotcolor.  The image is PNG if that makes any difference.  I've
attached it to this thread.  If you have any tips, I'd greatly
appreciate them.  I'm about to rip my hair out.  x_x


Several ways to get some sort of result. Try:

Duplicate layer
Desaturate (luminosity) the top layer
Add a layermask to the top (desaturated) layer
Paint (carefully) in black to uncover the red areas, white to cover up again.
see: https://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-layer-mask-add.html

When complete save as a gimp xcf to retain layers, mask etc. When happy, export
as a png / or ...whatever.

attached xcf as example.

rich: www.gimp-forum.net

* http://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/415/original/keepersample.xcf

rich2005 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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