[Gimp-user] After Python plugin crashed, the plugin is not loaded anymore

Hello Ofnuts,

thank you for your reply. The hint with the startup info on the console helped a
lot. As in most of these strange cases, the problem was in between keyboard and
chair... ;-)

My simple script didn't start, since I had an "Umlaut" in an comment of which I
thought I had removed already.

For the bigger script, I actually do not know the problem. Yesterday, when I
tried it first, it was complaining about an indention problem, which I could not
find, the given line was obviously ok. And, surprise, surprise, today, it does
not complain. It seems that this is one of the issues programmers face

Anyway, thank you for your help!!

Best regards,


GimpMin (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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