[Gimp-user] After Python plugin crashed, the plugin is not loaded anymore


as a newby to writing a python plug-in for gimp 2.8.10 on kubuntu 14.04 I
managed to do what I want on a prototype-level.

Then while cleaning up, I made a simple syntax error (added one bracket too
much) and I got the gimp warning that my plug-in has crashed and left gimp in
unstable state. After restarting gimp, the plug-in was not visible any more.

I had this situation quite a few time (also in Win7) and I solved it by deleting
the plug-in from my plug-ins folder, starting gimp, closing it, copying the
plug-in back in and after restart, it was there again.

But this time, it did not work. I even uninstalled gimp completely, but the
problem remains:

Gimp is even not loading the most simple script which I have started the whole

Does anybody know what to do about this?

Best regards and merry Christmas,


PS, the situation was even more "interesting": When I started it all with that
simple example hello world, I deleted the plug-in, replaced it by another script
but I always saw the old, already deleted one...

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