Re: [Gimp-user] After Python plugin crashed, the plugin is not loaded anymore

On 26/12/16 00:18, GimpMin wrote:

as a newby to writing a python plug-in for gimp 2.8.10 on kubuntu 14.04 I
managed to do what I want on a prototype-level.

Then while cleaning up, I made a simple syntax error (added one bracket too
much) and I got the gimp warning that my plug-in has crashed and left gimp in
unstable state. After restarting gimp, the plug-in was not visible any more.

I had this situation quite a few time (also in Win7) and I solved it by deleting
the plug-in from my plug-ins folder, starting gimp, closing it, copying the
plug-in back in and after restart, it was there again.

But this time, it did not work. I even uninstalled gimp completely, but the
problem remains:

Gimp is even not loading the most simple script which I have started the whole

Does anybody know what to do about this?

Best regards and merry Christmas,


PS, the situation was even more "interesting": When I started it all with that
simple example hello world, I deleted the plug-in, replaced it by another script
but I always saw the old, already deleted one...

If the Python code has syntax errors, it won't run during the registration process and so won't show up. And if you edited it, Gimp will try to re-register it.

Since you are on Linux, if you start Gimp in a terminal, you will see the syntax error messages produced by Python in the terminal (likewise, if you add Python "print" statements to help you debug the code they will show in that terminal window, just remember to remove them before giving the code to Windows users otherwise the plugin will appear to hang).

See Edit>Preferences>Folders>Plug-ins, to check where Gimp looks for plug-ins. Also check for links.

Uninstalling Gimp is pointless, since it leaves the user profile in place and this profile is re-used as is by the newly installed Gimp. So any problems with the Gimp profile remain around. Better rename the profile (~/.gimp-2.8 to ~/.gimp-2.8.disabled) and restart Gimp so that it creates a new profile. Then you can copy over selected stuff from the old profile.

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