Re: [Gimp-user] changing the brush sizes

That's because, in GIMP, vector brushes (i.e. the Brush Editor) are "sizeless", i.e. scalable to whatever 
desired size you want for the tool you're using.  So select a tool of interest (such as Paintbrush) and look 
in THAT toolbox instead -- right under the option to select which brush you want is a slider to specify the 
brush size.

I can provide a screenshot if you want one (but I'm not sure if the mailing list will accept it).

-- Stratadrake
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Any ideas why on I can change hardness, angle, and aspect ratio, but not size?
This happens on two different computers  (Mac OS), and has been a problem for me
for about a year; it used to work fine...

mehjg (via<>)
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