Re: [Gimp-user] Business Report of GIMP

On 09/16/2016 02:53 PM, rich2005 wrote:

As well as Linux, lots and lots of Windows users download (maybe not use so much
and often repeat downloaders)

When Gimp was hosted on sourceforge, you could get statistics.


In case that link scrambles the sourceforge traffic for Gimp

I would assume that the level that dropped off when Gimp dropped sourceforge
continued at

I started using the GIMP when Tor Lillqvist's first Windows ports
appeared, and have used it on Microsoft platforms ever since.  These
days I don't use any Microsoft products - they finally became completely
obsolete in every context that matters to me - but I do know several
people who use the GIMP on Windows 7 and 10.  Considering the huge
Microsoft user base, I would be surprised if GIMP users on Microsoft
platforms don't outnumber users on Linux platforms by a substantial
margin - but as per messages above, that's very hard to determine.

We have a large majority of Linux users posting on the list here, but
that is most likely due to the strong connection between Linux and
technical education / computer literacy.  "Geeks" use mailing lists like
this one, most others don't suspect they exist.


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