Re: [Gimp-user] Dockable Dialogs frustration

On 12/07/2016 01:21 PM, jdw-dd wrote:

I don't like Single-Window Mode because it has less room and 
flexibility re: arranging. As soon as I click any Tool, Tool Options

This is definitely not supposed to happen, and doesn't seem to happen to
most users. The tool options are docked to the image window?

I then click Windows / Tool Options to get it back. I then 
right-click Tool Options and select "Always on Top."

That's a setting of your window manager then - go to GIMP's preferences,
the window management section there is where the window hint setting
mentioned in this thread is located.

I then go to Edit / Preferences / Windows Management and tell GIMP to
"Save Windows Positions Now." The default "Utility window" is
selected as "Hint for docks." "Save windows position on exit" is not

As you didn't set the option in GIMP, this achieves nothing.

After right-clicking "Always on top," Tool Options remains on top 
ONLY for that session. Once I exit and restart GIMP, I again have to
 right-click "Always on top," so it's frustrating. Other GIMP 
settings seem to be saved. Would appreciate a workaround or fix!

See above - do it in the right place.

"Utility window" is supposed to be the correct default, though - it is
supposed to keep the docks and dialogs on top of other GIMP windows, but
not above other applications.

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