[Gimp-user] Dockable Dialogs frustration

I'm experiencing the same problem. I'm running 2.8.16 on Ubuntu 16.04. Was
running GIMP on Ubuntu 12.04 for years and never had this problem but not sure
what version of GIMP that was.

I don't like Single-Window Mode because it has less room and flexibility re:
arranging. As soon as I click any Tool, Tool Options disappears! I then click
Windows / Tool Options to get it back. I then right-click Tool Options and
select "Always on Top." I then go to Edit / Preferences / Windows Management and
tell GIMP to "Save Windows Positions Now." The default "Utility window" is
selected as "Hint for docks." "Save windows position on exit" is not checked.

After right-clicking "Always on top," Tool Options remains on top ONLY for that
session. Once I exit and restart GIMP, I again have to right-click "Always on
top," so it's frustrating. Other GIMP settings seem to be saved. Would
appreciate a workaround or fix!

jdw-dd (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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