Re: [Gimp-user] Help With OSX El Capitan

On Fri, 2016-12-02 at 11:07 -0600, Ross Martinek wrote:
This is normal the first time launching GIMP with OS 10.11.6. After
that it should be much faster unless you are loading a very large
file. I just launched GIMP—5 seconds. Loading one of my 16MB files
takes 30 seconds. May take a bit longer on a 2008 MacBook Pro, mine
is mid 2010.

About the same here (Mageia Linux, GIMP git master/2.9), 5 or 6 seconds
to start GIMP. It'd be faster if i had fewer than 8,500 fonts installed
probably. It just took 45 seconds to load a 1.6GByte PNG file, although
I was unable to load a 4.1G xcf file (GIMP said the file was corrupt).

But (1) I'm on Linux and (2) GIMP 2.8 starts in 3 seconds, and (3) I
have 32G of RAM.


Liam R. E. Quin <liam holoweb net>

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