Re: [Gimp-user] GIMP not remembering Fonts

On 01/12/16 16:55, MAD_King wrote:
By "saving" you mean saving as XCF? Adn the mayer is still a text
(with a "T" icon instead of thumbnail in the layers list)?
Yes on both

Get the text-info python plugin here;

When it is installed, if you right-click on any layer in the Layers listn there is an additional item at the bottom of the menu: "Show text information".

Then try this:

* create an image, and add a text layer.

* save the image to XCF (but don't quit yet)(the text information is generated only when the image is saved after the text layer has been created)

* use "Show text information", it shoud say something like this;

Text layer "AAAAA": (text "AAAAA"
(font "Gilgongo")
(font-size 60.000000)
(font-size-unit pixels)
(antialias yes)
(language "en-ie")
(base-direction ltr)
(color (color-rgb 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000))
(justify left)
(box-mode dynamic)
(box-unit pixels)
(hinting yes)

(this appears in the Error Console dialog if you have one, otherwise it will be a popup).

* Close the image, re-open it

* Re-use "Show text information". Is the text info still there?

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