[Gimp-user] Restoring Faded Slides

Several years ago I wrote a gimp plug-in for automatically restoring
images from scanned colour slides or prints that had faded or acquired
a colour cast with age.  Several people contacted me saying they found
it useful.  I have now produced a new version which I believe works
better.  The plug-in software and a document with technical details
and examples can be downloaded from
www.lionhouse.plus.com/photosoftware/restore/.  The old  version has
been renamed Restore1 and the new version is Restore2.  Although it
will not be of direct interest to GIMP users there is also a
stand-alone python version.
Hi Geoff,
I have been trying your filter on some scanned negatives and the results look
very promising (partly I need to refine my scanning set-up)

Two comments though.

Firstly when trying to run the script it fails as it can't find the debug folder
that you have on your system - I have created a temporary folder on my (Windows
7) PC and edited the script to use this - but it might be better if debug was
disabled by default so the average user didn't have to bother about this. (A
similar situation applies to the folder for saving the options if this is

Secondly, and this is just a personal preference, I have moved the filter so
that it appears in "Filters/Enhance/" as Restore3, rather than adding an entry
to the menu bar.

Thanks for the script.

programmer_ceds (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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