[Gimp-user] Print layout not keeping track ?

Hello !

I have spent the last 3 hours trying to print an image properly under Windows 7.
If I use the print command under Windows' explorer, I get that crap assistant
that is always streching pictures to fit the paper.
So I wanted to stick to GIMP, and print my little 5cm × 4cm image onto a 10x15

But no matter how many times i tried, it is impossible to specify the layout as
being something different from A4. I go to FIle -> Layout (underneath the
"print" line) and specify 4"×6" (10x15), press OK and that doesn't stay this way
! If i re-open the dialog, it is back to square 1, A4.

All in all, I find printing the right size to be a perfect nightmare: either
Windows 7 messes up with its assistant, or GIMP can't stick to one layout, or
CANON's drivers are a mess…

In the meantime, what I did is open an exported image with xnView: there the
very same "layout" dialog keeps track of what I say and helps…

Gwenouille (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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